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About my calendars

By the end of the last year I had made several calendars with my photographs. In my opinion they turned out to be quite qood, especially considering that they depict our native city – Nizhny Novgorod. We left one of them for ourselves and now it decorates our hallway. Like that.

Quarterly calendar with pictersque view of the city of Nizhny Novgorod. Photographer Aleksey Kozlov. Landscapes photographs of Russian nature and cities.

The exhibition “Native Nature”

I can’t help holding back that my photograph of the Amur leopard won the first place in the inter-regional contest “Native Nature” as the best portrait of an animal, and thereby sneaked into an exhibition in Russian museum of photography (Nizhny Novgorod, Piskunova st., 9a).

The exhibition will be opened till November, 10th, and a ticket costs 120 rubles (60 rubles for students and pensioners), but today, November 4th is the National Unity Day, thus the museum will be opened for everyone free of charge (from 11:00 to 17:00), so if you’re interested in wildlife photography or would like to see some large good-looking prints you might consider going.

Aleksey Kozlov Winner of the photo contest Native Nature in the category Portrait of an animal, photograph of Amur (Far Eastern) leopard

We’re back from the Azov sea

The month of vacation went as if it was a week. During it we managed to find a medical mud in the dried-out Molochnyi liman in Kirillovka, enjoyed hiking over picturesque mountains in Karaul-Oba Natural Reserve, as well as savage camping in one of the beautiful lagoons near Bolshoy Utrish.

Each of these locations gave me the pleasure of communing with nature, and from the first two, I also brought a lot of interesting shots and quite good tan. Now I have to deal with different things that accumulated during this month, but very soon I will start showing photos from this trip. In the meantime, I shall put this Vetluzhskaya picture.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the banks of Vetluga river in spring in the time of high water.

Going to the Azov sea!

That’s it! The last working week has ended, which means that the Azov sea is starting to get closer. We have packed our things, prepared our camping stuff, and we’re ready to go. There was such a hurry in our preparation though, that I think we might forget something. Yeah, we will definitely forget something. At least I hope that won’t be anything important.

I will try to find mobile internet in the places we’re going to stay, so the blog shouldn’t fall into deep hibernation state. Lastly, I will show you this Altai landscape, that was shot near the confluence of the rivers Chuya and Katun. Stay tuned!

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the valley and mountains at the confluence of the rivers Katun and Chuya. Altai Republic, Russia.

About social buttons and Flickr! map

I’m happy to tell you that we added crossposting functionality to this blog – note pretty social buttons on the sidebar. So from this moment every post will be automatically published to those public websites, which I also use. That will make it possible to subscribe to updates of this blog not only via RSS, but also using built-in services of these websites. Another piece of news is that my photographs could now be found on the Flickr! map. I hope it will be interesting to explore the world map and find where particular photos were taken.

Photographs by Aleksey Kozlov on Flickr map

I’m back from Crimea

We’ve just returned from our trip to Crimea, Ukraine. Having took quite a lot of shots, which are only to be critically examined, I can already now pick out several ones that I’m very pleased with. As soon as they are prepared a lot of them will be published to this blog, and for now I will just put here a picture, telling you where exactly we had been going.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the road and the wooden board in the misty fog in the Valley of ghosts, Crimea, Ukraine.