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David duChemin’s “TEN” is now free

I love to read books. A good book is one of the easiest ways to learn something, or more precisely, to find a direction you have to follow to learn something. About a month ago I found in RSS feed that David duChemin made ​​his book “TEN ways to improve your craft without buying gear” free, which was nice to see, because I wanted to read it, but was stopped by a price – my memories of starvation childhood didn’t allow me to spend $5 for a book of 20 pages… I’m only kidding, it was my innate stinginess, that was stopping me. Anyway, I downloaded the book right away, but didn’t have time to read it carefully until recently. But now I’ve finished, and from this moment I will probably start recommending it to everyone, as it is an excellent book for those who would like their photographs to become better.

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