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The Kremlin. White tower

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the Kremlin White Tower in Nizhny Novgorod on the clear winter day.

Winter in Nizhny Novgorod

Finally cold weather has come to our region bringing more or less clear sky. Yandex forecasts partly cloudly for the end of the week, which means it’s time to dust off the photo backpack, find warm pants and sweater in the deeps of a wardrobe, and following the ski season open the season photographic. If all goes well, the shots won’t disappoint me. At least I will do my best for that. Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the snow-covered slopes of the right bank of the Oka River in winter at sunset.

Church of Elijah the Prophet

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet in Nizhny Novgorod on a winter day.

А fairy tale of Demerdji

It’s difficult to imagine a place more mysterious than Demerdji in winter. Clouds hide everything around and leave only subtle silhouettes, which become stronger and fade away as you move forward. At the very beginning the footpath leading from the township dives into a narrow passage between two small trees. They look like little guards, protecting the mountain from uninvited guests and when you walk through them, you feel as if coming into a fairy tale. And it happens the fairy tale doesn’t keep you waiting too long.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the footpath in the foothills of Demerdji on a misty day. Crimea, Ukraine.

The Vetluga forest

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the Vetluga forest in winter and huge snow-covered firs.

The slopes of Demerdji in spring

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the slope of Demerdji mountain in late winter in the light of the settling sun. Crimea, Ukraine.

A horse in the foothills

Landscapes and scenery photo. A horse munching the grass on the slope of Demerji in late winter. Crimea, Ukraine.

The trees in Demerdji tract

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the forest of branchy trees in the tract Demerdji in winter. Crimea, Ukraine.

On the snowy mountain pass

When we drove through Angarsk pass, got off the trolley and started walking towards the township Luchistoye, the weather settled in the region was rather dissapointing: the mountains were surrounded by thick rainy clouds, there was a light snow falling, and which is more a local resident, we encountered quite luckily, as she showed us the right road, said that it’s a normal weather for this time of year, and that it wouldn’t probably change the next two weeks. And, of course, the head was straightaway full off fear that I made a mistake with the time of the trip and won’t shoot anything good now.

However, as they say, nothing is more unpredictable than the weather in the mountains, and even though during the first week (18-25th of February) it’s really gloomy, so the main contributors to surrounding landscapes were clouds and fog, the second week was extremely diverse. It was one of those lucky chances, when you can catch a moment of winter turning into spring, and when the sun begins to warm, awakening all around back to life.

That’s how one of the slopes rising to the to the plateau of South Demerji near Dzhurla pass looked like on one of the relatively clear February days. A couple of days later there was no hint of this snow left.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the snowy mountain slope of Southern Demerdji peak near the Dzhurla pass. Crimea, Ukraine.

The Kremlin, the stairs and the city

Photography is a wonderfull thing, it gives you an opportunity to search and to find, and therefore, to be amazed with things you are used to. Imagine, you wander from one quite accustomed place to another, and the first moment it appears there is no way it may surprise you, but when you take the camera and look into the viewfinder, it all changes – the frame cuts everything else, leaving only several elements, which inexplicably assemble into something very fine and accurate, and in the same time very fragile – if you step back even a small distance it won’t be the same.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the Skoba street (the historical part of the city of Nizhny Novgorod), and steps of the staircase of the Kremlin.