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On recent affairs

I completely gave up on this blog. Time that could have been used for publishing something or just post processing of new pictures vanishes treacherously. I suppose it’s all because of my stupid perfectionism, or probably a simple laziness. But I’m sure I’ll overcome that, seen it all. Anyway, what really pleases me is that we’re having great weekends in the village this summer.

Portraits photo. A self portrait of Aleksey Kozlov. Fishing on the river Vetluga one summer evening.

The Vetluga forest

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the Vetluga forest in winter and huge snow-covered firs.

We’re back from the Azov sea

The month of vacation went as if it was a week. During it we managed to find a medical mud in the dried-out Molochnyi liman in Kirillovka, enjoyed hiking over picturesque mountains in Karaul-Oba Natural Reserve, as well as savage camping in one of the beautiful lagoons near Bolshoy Utrish.

Each of these locations gave me the pleasure of communing with nature, and from the first two, I also brought a lot of interesting shots and quite good tan. Now I have to deal with different things that accumulated during this month, but very soon I will start showing photos from this trip. In the meantime, I shall put this Vetluzhskaya picture.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the banks of Vetluga river in spring in the time of high water.

The waves and the mirror

When you are in a boat that is flying down the river, there are small opportunities to adjust the shooting position. The surrounding beautifull scenaries of the banks of the Vetluga are rushing by swiftly and it’s especially difficult to catch the neat shot. So now I think I was quite fortunate to make this one, with the waves, which were breaking the reflection of the autumn colored trees in the mirror-like surface of the water. And I’m very pleased with that.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view from the boat sailing on the river Vetluga, with the waves and reflection of the sky and trees on the surface of the water. Nizhny Novgorod oblast.

On the beach

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the river Vetluga beach and the rhythmic pattern formed by the line of the water in Krasnobakovsky district of Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Russia.