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Crimean star

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the foothills of Demerdji in the mist and a horse surprised of encounter. Crimea, Russia.

Riders on the storm


It seems that proficient landscape photograpers avoid shooting frames where there is only sky and nothing else, even if the scene is amazingly picturesque. One of the reasons I guess is that such shots are considered to be too obvious, so that you won’t be able to impress anyone with them. Indeed anyone who is used spending their free time outdoors, could take such a shot. But I suppose the main reason is that a shot like this always comes too easy – there’s no need for photographer to jumble along the shoreline or up and down the foothill in a search for a suitable point of view. All he or she needs is to press the shutter button and the result is going to be beautiful anyway, which finally makes you feel an odd dissapointment. One may think there’s nothing from you in such picture. But of course it’s not like that, and what motivates us to press the button varies a lot differentiating our photographs in the end. Perhaphs other people may not see anything very peculiar in this frame. Only the clouds. But for me it’s completely different. For me this simple shot retains my memories and feelings I got in a contact with nature. It’s amazing to stay alone in the field and watch, as if you were the only spectator of the show, as a furious battle rages on in the sky. To watch as the clouds pursuit the wind and the low settling sun paints them pink making an enchanting performance out from the ordinary rain. At such moments I keep wondering at how beautiful our nature is. Landscape [...]
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Northern shore of Teletskoe lake

Lacking the habit, I rarely shoot panoramas. I find it too alluring to see how the image will appear immediately, and too hard to convince myself that everything will turn to be right in the frame not now, but sometime later. So I get down to panorama, only when I feel the angle of view is not wide enough and with a wider lens the shot might have been better. It was one of those cases, when I realized that either I will make the image out from multiple shots, or won’t make it at all.

By that time I had already shot all the obvious scenes around the second camp of our Altai journey, so I was searching for other interseting subjects. This little gulf on the shore of Teletskoe lake turned to be the one of them, but none of the single shots I made had a perspective that good landscape photographs often demonstrate. The perspective that pulls you into the frame. And at this moment I realized two things:

I will have to buy wide lens some day, There’s no other way than merging panorama for this scenery.

Landscapes and scenery photo. The panoramic image of the northern shore of Teletskoe lake. Altai, Russia.

I have to admit that I’ve been delaying the processing of this image as long as I could, but it’s been finally finished.

Stone sculptures of Demerdji

Landscapes and scenery photo. The image of peculiar stone sculpture resembling Sphinx. Demerdji, Crimea, Russia.

On recent affairs

I completely gave up on this blog. Time that could have been used for publishing something or just post processing of new pictures vanishes treacherously. I suppose it’s all because of my stupid perfectionism, or probably a simple laziness. But I’m sure I’ll overcome that, seen it all. Anyway, what really pleases me is that we’re having great weekends in the village this summer.

Portraits photo. A self portrait of Aleksey Kozlov. Fishing on the river Vetluga one summer evening.


Landscapes and scenery photo. A silhouette of Crimea mountains with sun flares and clouds.

The river Aktru

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the river Aktru and Karatash peak in the morning sun. Altai Republic, Russia.

Demerdji in the clouds

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the top of Demerdji rocks showed through the dense clouds. Crimea. Ukraine.

The sunset on Demerdji

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the lone tree and the rocks of Demerdji at sunset. Crimea, Ukraine.

Dressed up

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of a tree in the fog spangled with drops of water. Demerdji, Crimea, Ukraine.