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Riders on the storm


It seems that proficient landscape photograpers avoid shooting frames where there is only sky and nothing else, even if the scene is amazingly picturesque. One of the reasons I guess is that such shots are considered to be too obvious, so that you won’t be able to impress anyone with them. Indeed anyone who is used spending their free time outdoors, could take such a shot. But I suppose the main reason is that a shot like this always comes too easy – there’s no need for photographer to jumble along the shoreline or up and down the foothill in a search for a suitable point of view. All he or she needs is to press the shutter button and the result is going to be beautiful anyway, which finally makes you feel an odd dissapointment. One may think there’s nothing from you in such picture. But of course it’s not like that, and what motivates us to press the button varies a lot differentiating our photographs in the end. Perhaphs other people may not see anything very peculiar in this frame. Only the clouds. But for me it’s completely different. For me this simple shot retains my memories and feelings I got in a contact with nature. It’s amazing to stay alone in the field and watch, as if you were the only spectator of the show, as a furious battle rages on in the sky. To watch as the clouds pursuit the wind and the low settling sun paints them pink making an enchanting performance out from the ordinary rain. At such moments I keep wondering at how beautiful our nature is. Landscape [...]
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The Azov sea at dawn

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the Azov sea, seacoast and breaking waves at dawn. Kirillovka, Ukraine.

About a heron

I like to photograph animals in their natural habitat, so I’m always pleased when I get such chance. And while we were camping on the firth in Kirillovka, I got one: there was a beautiful white egret nesting somewhere in the bushes, so from the moment we saw it first time, I was wanting to take a picture of it. But each time I tried, I was unable to take a good shot, as it obviously didn’t want to be a model: once we were detected, it went directly to the bushes for hiding.

Then one day we caught the sight of it again, just a hundred meters from our camp. However, this time, even it noticed our existence, it didn’t hurry to fly away, and soon enough it became clear why: it turned out that the bird flew to hunt lizards that were crawling out of their holes in the morning. I don’t know how lucky it was other days, but this time the egret’s breakfast was clearly hearty, as for those five minutes while I was shooting, the end came for about half a dozen of different-sized tailed-ones. The picture below shows just one of those moments.

Photos, fauna. Wild animals and nature, beautiful great white egret (ardea alba) hunting lizards.