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Riders on the storm


It seems that proficient landscape photograpers avoid shooting frames where there is only sky and nothing else, even if the scene is amazingly picturesque. One of the reasons I guess is that such shots are considered to be too obvious, so that you won’t be able to impress anyone with them. Indeed anyone who is used spending their free time outdoors, could take such a shot. But I suppose the main reason is that a shot like this always comes too easy – there’s no need for photographer to jumble along the shoreline or up and down the foothill in a search for a suitable point of view. All he or she needs is to press the shutter button and the result is going to be beautiful anyway, which finally makes you feel an odd dissapointment. One may think there’s nothing from you in such picture. But of course it’s not like that, and what motivates us to press the button varies a lot differentiating our photographs in the end. Perhaphs other people may not see anything very peculiar in this frame. Only the clouds. But for me it’s completely different. For me this simple shot retains my memories and feelings I got in a contact with nature. It’s amazing to stay alone in the field and watch, as if you were the only spectator of the show, as a furious battle rages on in the sky. To watch as the clouds pursuit the wind and the low settling sun paints them pink making an enchanting performance out from the ordinary rain. At such moments I keep wondering at how beautiful our nature is. Landscape [...]
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Demerdji in the clouds

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the top of Demerdji rocks showed through the dense clouds. Crimea. Ukraine.

The cloud in Сrimean mountains

Although the cloud below couldn’t outmatch the Nizhny Novgorod camel-shaped clouds, I decided to post it to the blog due to the several reasons. First of all, it demonstrates how unusual could be clouds that ofthen appear over the mountains in Crimea. And the second is… that I simply couldn’t figure out what sort of the cloud it is, so I hope someone could point that out for me. On one side, it looks like Stratocumulus Lenticular to some extent, but unlike them, which, as far as I know, are stationary even in the strong wind, this one existed only a few minutes, and then was torn by the wind into two parts, transformed and blown out of sight somewhere in the direction of Chater-Dag peak. So, I’m still sitting and wondering what type of cloud it is. Does anybody know that for sure?

Landscapes and scenery photo. A cloud in Crimean mountains torn into two halves by the wind. Crimea, Ukraine.

The clouds in a shape of a camel

Since I started shooting I have observed clouds of amazing shapes numerous times. Not long ago I was searching what to publish next to the blog and found this shot of a cloud in a shape of a camel. And stuck on it, with the feeling that I had seen this before. Rather quickly I found the second shot, so here they are together:

Landscapes and scenery photo. Amazing bright white cumulus cloud in the shape of a camel on summer day.

Landscapes and scenery photo. Amazing dark cumulonimbus cloud in the shape of a camel autumn day.

These photographs were taken between this and then with interval of two months. And if not the sense of deja vu, they probably would have wait longer to be published – separately they don’t impress as much as together.

On the beach

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the river Vetluga beach and the rhythmic pattern formed by the line of the water in Krasnobakovsky district of Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Russia.