Rambler's Top100

The waves and the mirror

When you are in a boat that is flying down the river, there are small opportunities to adjust the shooting position. The surrounding beautifull scenaries of the banks of the Vetluga are rushing by swiftly and it’s especially difficult to catch the neat shot. So now I think I was quite fortunate to make this one, with the waves, which were breaking the reflection of the autumn colored trees in the mirror-like surface of the water. And I’m very pleased with that.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view from the boat sailing on the river Vetluga, with the waves and reflection of the sky and trees on the surface of the water. Nizhny Novgorod oblast.

On the edge

Landscapes and scenery photo. A small birch tree growing on the very edge of the cliff on the bank of the Gorky Reservoir in autumn. Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Russia.


Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the road along the forest in the woodland part Strigino in Nizhny Novgorod, trees and fallen leaves.

Under the leafs of the oak

There are places you like so much you wish to return there. For me and my wife such a place is a small clearing in the oak trees grove on the bank of the river Klyazma. This is a very cosy place, which will always remain in my heart, and which taught me that there’s nothing more splendid that camping outdoors with the company you love.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view from the bank of the river Klyazma in Nizhny Novgorod oblast in the early autumn.