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Crimean star

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the foothills of Demerdji in the mist and a horse surprised of encounter. Crimea, Russia.

About a heron

I like to photograph animals in their natural habitat, so I’m always pleased when I get such chance. And while we were camping on the firth in Kirillovka, I got one: there was a beautiful white egret nesting somewhere in the bushes, so from the moment we saw it first time, I was wanting to take a picture of it. But each time I tried, I was unable to take a good shot, as it obviously didn’t want to be a model: once we were detected, it went directly to the bushes for hiding.

Then one day we caught the sight of it again, just a hundred meters from our camp. However, this time, even it noticed our existence, it didn’t hurry to fly away, and soon enough it became clear why: it turned out that the bird flew to hunt lizards that were crawling out of their holes in the morning. I don’t know how lucky it was other days, but this time the egret’s breakfast was clearly hearty, as for those five minutes while I was shooting, the end came for about half a dozen of different-sized tailed-ones. The picture below shows just one of those moments.

Photos, fauna. Wild animals and nature, beautiful great white egret (ardea alba) hunting lizards.

A horse in the foothills

Landscapes and scenery photo. A horse munching the grass on the slope of Demerji in late winter. Crimea, Ukraine.

Horses in the mist

Our first encounter with the horses on Demerdji happened quite unexpectedly. The clouds surrounding the mountains were so dense that day that we could have lost the path easily, but for courageous Nizhny Novgorod hikers as we are, that was not a problem, so we set up and went for a walk right in the foothills as usual. After rather hard climbing (it was one of the first in our trip), we decided to stop for snacking, and while we were having this little halt, I looked up and saw slightest movement in the fog in about a hundred foots from the place where we were standing. No one believed me though, and even for me it was hard to beleive that someone else could be in this mist apart from us. But then, suddenly, for a one small tiny moment the fog dissipated and we all clearly saw the silhouette of a horse. There were no bounds to our delight! A few minutes later we were already feeding these fascinating animals with bread and apples we had in our backpack, and they closed their eyes in pleasure, while gobbling such unusual dainty.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A silhouette of the horse in the misty fog on the foothils of Demerdji. Crimea, Ukraine.

The leopard in the zoo

When you are a child, experience you obtain often comes as a real discovery and makes you wonder at things adults are used to. In fact, poor adults simply don’t have enough time to notice and wonder about the beauty of the world they live in.

I remember when I was a kid, I loved going to the zoo and watching wild animals, which I knew only from the books and TV. But as I was growing up it became less and less impressive, I got more and more responsibilities and finally I stopped going there at all. So it was a real re-discovery for me, when last summer my family and I went to the Novosibirsk Zoo. I had never been to such a huge zoo in my life, so like many years ago I became so interested, that if there was no train back to Nizhny Novgorod leaving that evening, I would have spent the whole next day in there.

I took this shot of the leopard that day. Unlike other cats, which were circling around the cells, that one was laying quietly on the branch of a tree, and staring impressively at the visitors.

Photos, fauna. Wild animals and nature, a leopard lying on a branch of a tree and looking at you.

Training on cats

Contact sheet of photographs of kittens. An illustration for the story of how to find a family for a kitten.