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The moonlight path

I suppose everyone who is interested in landscape photography was once stuck on some fantastic seascape shot. For me it were photographs of talanted bulgarian photographer Pavel Pronin, that first showed me how beautiful the sea could be. It was since that moment, I guess, that I began longing to shoot someting alike, that’s why long before my vacation I knew that this time I’m going to the sea not for swimming and sunbathing, but in search after photographs. And now, looking through the material I was able to obtain, I’m very pleased that I was there and that my efforts didn’t go in vain and I could bring home about a dozen of rather appealing picutes of the Black Sea as well as a couple of the Azov Sea.

That particular day I scouted the way to the top of Karaul-Oba mountain, so I came back down to the seacoast much later than I usually did, and while I was searching for a good shooting position… It was dark, the moon lit up and began moving slowly across the sky. After a couple of testing shots I realized that it’s too dark for shooting: the shutter speed needed for proper exposure had already crossed 30 sec., and it was still getting darker, so, suffering from the fact that my remote cord got broken, I had to increase ISO speed to be able to catch the last remains of scattered sunlight. Although the best moment was gone, at least it was what I though then, I decided to shoot this scene with the moonlight path unfolding on the surface of the sea. Realizing that I couldn’t avoid noise anyhow, I took four shots to be able to average them later, so the noise could be reduced. Now I regret that I didn’t took more, because it appears it’s the best picture I made that day and maybe even all the week that we were shooting in Novyi Svit.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A view of the small baу on the coast of the Black Sea and the moonlight path on the surface of the water. Crimea, Ukraine.

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  • Инна Капранова

    Алексей! очень интересное описание! Читала с удовольствием! Очень художественно изложено. А еще более всего интересен результат! Не очень понимаю, почему возникали сомнения по поводу конечного результата… Фото отличное! Цвета просто потрясающее! И по композиции отлично!

    • Алексей Козлов

      Спасибо! А насчет конечного результата, я имел в виду цифровой шум, который сильно портит картинку при съемке на длинных, более 30 секунд выдержках. Но здесь получилось его кое-как победить посредством усреднения нескольких экспозиций через stack mode для смарт объектов.