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Horses in the mist

Our first encounter with the horses on Demerdji happened quite unexpectedly. The clouds surrounding the mountains were so dense that day that we could have lost the path easily, but for courageous Nizhny Novgorod hikers as we are, that was not a problem, so we set up and went for a walk right in the foothills as usual. After rather hard climbing (it was one of the first in our trip), we decided to stop for snacking, and while we were having this little halt, I looked up and saw slightest movement in the fog in about a hundred foots from the place where we were standing. No one believed me though, and even for me it was hard to beleive that someone else could be in this mist apart from us. But then, suddenly, for a one small tiny moment the fog dissipated and we all clearly saw the silhouette of a horse. There were no bounds to our delight! A few minutes later we were already feeding these fascinating animals with bread and apples we had in our backpack, and they closed their eyes in pleasure, while gobbling such unusual dainty.

Landscapes and scenery photo. A silhouette of the horse in the misty fog on the foothils of Demerdji. Crimea, Ukraine.

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