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About me

Hi, my name is Aleksey Kozlov, welcome to my website about landscape photography.

I was born and grew up in Gorky, Russia. Studied hard – thanks to my mum, who is a chemistry teacher. Then I achieved MS degree in Applied mathematics studying on the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics NNSU and doing research in the area of Hamiltonian dynamical systems. After my graduation I set-up working as a programmer for one of the huge companies of our region. It was probably then, when I got obsessed with the idea to become a traveler and photographer. By that time I’d already known quite a lot about shooting – thanks to my father, who taught me the basics, when I was a child – and had a DSLR Canon 50D in my bag and a small set of lenses.

What I wanted most of all was to climb mountains, to wake up before dawn and go looking for the unity of landscape and light, the one that lasts only one small fleeting moment and makes you understand how beautiful our planet is. I started making regular trips within Nizhny Novgorod region, trying to demonstrate the beauty of our nature, and when there was no time for a thorough trip I was shooting my native city. My first far distance trip was to Altai region of Russia, which is often called the Valley of Freedom.

Now I’m doing photography professionally. I’m working with several agencies, writing to this blog, offering my photos to various magazines and selling prints, but in the first turn I’m forcing myself not to be sitting on the same place too long, to get more trips after photographs.

This blog is to share my point of view on our nature, on how to make good landscape photographs, to tell how great it is when you’re doing the job you like and how much rewards it could give you if you’re strong to fear and not afraid of difficulties. I am always happy to talk with people having similar interests, and if you have any questions I will answer them with the greatest pleasure, just send me an e-mail to search[at]afterphotos.net.